Open Education Challenge Series

About the Open Education Challenge Series

10 challenges that take 10 minutes or less to complete

5 days – 2 challenges a day

Ready, set, GO!

BCcampus is hosting an open education challenge series for educators interested in learning more about open education practices (OEP). This series is a fun way to get a taste of  OEP – over the course of 5 days we will release 2 challenges per day.  A challenge is a micro activity that you can do in 10 minutes or less that will cover a small aspect of open education. The series starts on Monday, March 1, 2021 and ends on Friday March 5th, 2021 during OEWeek.

Who is this for?

The challenge series is open to anyone but has been designed for educators who are new to open education. You might have heard about OER, open textbooks, and perhaps even open pedagogy but if you don’t know where to find them or how to use or create them, then this is for you. This isn’t a bootcamp or crash course in open education, it’s more of a tasting buffet of appetizers, designed to allow even the most time-constrained educators to participate.

What can I expect?

When you sign up for the series you complete a few questions about your knowledge of open education.  Each day you will receive an email with a link for the two daily challenges and a recap of the previous day’s challenges. It will be labeled OE Challenge Series, so be sure to make sure it doesn’t end up in your junk folder. All challenges and recaps will also be posted on this website. You will share your response to the challenges in the comments section of each challenge that will be moderated by the OE Challenge hosts.

Invite your colleagues to participate with you! It’s a great way to learn about OEP together!

Can I sign up even if I’m not new to open?

Yes, of course, but please try and bring along someone who is. This series is about generating more awareness about open education.

Sign me up!

Use an email that you commonly use, and make sure you check your junk folder. You may need to look in the junk folder occasionally during the series, as some institutional emails may flag it.

Your hosts for this series

Carolee Clyne

Josie Gray

Clint Lalonde

Krista Lambert

Melanie Meyers



The OE Challenge Series was designed and developed by:

Leva Lee


Tannis Morgan