Challenge #1 – Where do I find an open textbook to use in my teaching?

Challenge #1 – Where do I find an open textbook to use in my teaching?

Open textbooks are textbooks that are free to use, adapt, modify, and repurpose.  Importantly, they are free to students.  In BC alone, open textbooks have saved students over 20 million in textbook costs.  There are several well recognized open textbook collections of great quality.

Many of the textbooks in these collections have been peer reviewed, so they are considered to be of good quality.

For this challenge you will explore the BCcampus open textbook collection and see if there is an open textbook that is relevant to your area of teaching.  There are currently 326 peer reviewed open textbooks and guides in the collection, and the number is continually growing.  



  1. Go to the BCcampus open textbook collection  and find a textbook that is relevant to something that you teach. If you aren’t currently teaching, choose one that you are generally interested in.  
  2. Share the link to the textbook you found in the comment section. 
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  1. I’m currently co-designing a Composition course. I’ll be able to use and repurpose
    “Writing in College: From Competence to Excellence.” It is available online and as a Pressbooks xml file.
    “It is designed for students who have largely mastered the conventions of high-school level writing and are now rising to meet more the advanced expectations of college. Students will find in Writing in College a warm invitation to think of themselves as full, self-motivated members of the academic community. With concise explanations, clear multi-disciplinary examples and empathy for the challenges of student life, this short textbook both explains the purposes behind college-level writing and offers indispensable advice for organization and expression.”

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