Welcome! It’s almost #OpenAppyHour

Welcome! It’s almost #OpenAppyHour


Welcome to the BCcampus OEP Challenge Series.  Your hosts for this series – Carolee, Josie, Clint, Melanie and Krista – are glad that you are joining us.  You can read more about who we are at the Challenge Series website which will be our main hub for Open Ed Week 2021.

When will I see the first challenge?

The first challenge will land in your inboxes on March 1.  Each morning, you will get one of these emails with the challenge.  The following week, we will also include a recap of the challenge responses.

Where do I submit my challenge responses?

The challenge you receive in your email inboxes will also be posted to this OE Challenge website.  Most of the time you will use the comments section of each challenge post to submit your responses to the challenge. For some challenges you will be submitting your responses to the OE Collection.  Keep in mind that this is also how we track who has completed the challenges in order to do the draw for the weekly prize.

Monitor your junk folder

Institutional emails will often filter email campaigns. So while this email may end up in your inbox, the next one could end up in your junk folder. Please check there or mark as not junk.